This skateboarders name is CRIS DAWSON . He is 68 years old. Cris skated on one of the very first organized skateboard teams ever “HOBIE” (in the 1960’s)

Cris also skated on the original Zephyr team (in the 1970’s) and helped train Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva amongst others to become the well rounded skaters they were. Cris was “The Skating Policeman” in the original Dogtown article made by C.R. Stecyk III … Cris was and still is a graphic designer, he designed the original Zephyr skateboard ads, he designed the incredibly cool Marina Del Rey skatepark logo, he worked with Peralta and Stecyk to create the original Powell Peralta ads.

Kenter Canyon School Yard

In this image, I made last sunday with a friends iPhone, Cris is at the Kenter Canyon school yard, where the incredible asphalt wave that helped skateboarding develop in to what it is today exists only as a shadow of itself due to the school districts planning, plantings, and construction. Here he is holding up a picture of himself that he saved from 1975, that i made of him with my pocket instamatic camera, that i also developed and then printed in the darkroom while i was in “Photography 1” at Paul Revere Junior High school at the age of 13. Cris can still skate and still has all that history and love of the form running through his veins.

Glen E. Friedman