Bringing it

Staff, is a term I haven’t known since I owned my own business and tried to make payroll taxes work. But Staff is so absolutely important to POWEREDGE. Ever since Spencer Bartch (art director 1987 -1990) was asked to find a wiz at skate photos and such, and thereto for ?how he did.

Christian Kline

Christian Kline was a discovery of Spencer Bartch, who with G Roger Scarbossa made the POWEREDGE vibe what it is till this day, and Christian at the very young age of 16 went to work getting killer new skate shots of our unkown skater sections and then taking our big interviews with Mike Valelly and Jason Lee, POWEREDGE editorially was the best magazine offering to the masses. We didn’t play the transworld or thrasher push a million companies you own. We took a little kids idea of skateboarding and let him have a shot. The style of Kline and our other contributors is whats going to make our thing good. ?Whether then or now paper or screen or phone or toilet paper – you make good information and take great images and video you will do well. So with that I compose this forced blog of honest pursuits to you to show really… nothing has changed at all but the way you get your news. Paper, Screen, Vid, been there . There now. ?Watch for all the insane ?vintage posts and the brand new industry news, photos, vids…there are in skateboarding. ?See ya soon Curt Stevenson