Young rowdies skating in the alley

A group of young rowdies are sitting in the alley down by the Central Towers when the patrol car arrives. The two policeman inside get out, saunter over, and politely ask the kids what they’re up to, and this smart ass punk sardonically replies, “What the hell is it to you, anyway?” Now the elder cop of the duo is about to blow his cool, but the younger one intercedes. “let me handle this.” “Is that your skateboard son?” he inquires.? “Yeah, bet you can’t ride it, Pig!”
The cop rides skateboards, “are you kidding me?”
The young Centurion silently grabs the skate, takes off his gun, and borrows a pair of tennis shoes from one of the other kids, all of whom are quite upset with there loud mouth friend for getting them into trouble. With the borrowed Adidas three-stripers on his feet, the law man executes a highly technical freestyle routing, and ends it with a stylish crossover dismount. The troublemaker now thoroughly humbled apologizes profusely, and the skating policeman advises the youth to tighten his mounts (trucks) as well as his act. The two officers reenter the black-and-white, and motor on, leaving the mischievous lad a bit wiser in the ways of the world.


(Republished from the book: Dogtown – The Legend Of The Z-Boys by Craig Stecyk III, Glen E. Friedman 2000