In 1987, Larry Stevenson, myself, SpencerBartsch, Roger Scarbossa, Christian Kline, and Stew Ivester, all got together to make a new magazine that was more like a ‘zine. We called it Poweredge Magazine, the magazine was loosely based on Larry Stevenson’s magazine Surf Guide. As we started pulling the team together and assigning roles to the artists and writers, we knew we were gonna need some stickers and shirts. The accompanying graphic to this post is a 4/up b/w sticker layout for copy machine Poweredge stickers…I found this fragile 8.5″ X ll” in storage. It put a big smile on my face finding this sticker master layout a few weeks ago.. The skater in the photo is Joey Saenz

PE Sticker Layout 1987
Copy machine art at it’s finest!