In a very interesting surfing and skateboard zine called Surf Guide Larry Stevenson got his first taste of the national publishing of periodicals, he did not want to pay Surfer for ads when the same dollars could make a new Magazine. Because the artists and freinds of POWEREDGE 87 magazine launch they included this nice paragraph explaining why Larry and basically ourselves were going to make another nationally distributed skate zine. POWEREDGE was born this is the first editorial at the front of the magazine.

I feel like our trip into digital and video is quite similar, and I like the editorial letter that original editor Christian Kline wrote as our mission statement in 1987. Not bad for a 16 year old kid who turned into the best journalist I’d seen. I’m happy to say that Christian is going to be working with POWEREDGE once again and it’s starting to feel like this online utopia will really accomplish our original goal. Get cool information to people who want it.

Thanks Christian and Phil Edwards for his 1963 photo we used… lol