In skateboarding nothing is more essential than a good old fashioned ollie. It gets you up the curb it gets you past the gap it lands you down the stairs or over the trashcan. It is one of the main ingredients in nearly every?skateboarding trick there is. Here at Poweredge we are starting up a new segment we call “Greatest 5” in which we breakdown and feed you 5 of the gnarliest clips of the topic trick featured. So lets get down to the 5 GREATEST Ollies ever done. If you don’t see your favorite on this list please leave a comment we would love to know your favorite Ollie of all time and get stoked just watching all the ones we missed.

Yup its just a trick tip video but that doesn’t matter because its awesome and who better to show you how to ollie than the man himself Reese Forbes. Pause the video at 1:18 to be blown away. He just does the ollie on flat ground but its absolutely stunning how high he gets it. I remember seeing this as a youngster and dropping my food on the ground after seeing this it blew my ?mind I just couldn’t believe how high he got. I personally credit this video for making me want to ollie higher and really helping me push it to the next level.

4. ?DIEGO BUCHIERRI Transworld I.E.

Diego is one of my favorites and those that know of him have just as much respect for him as I do. He is a pioneer of going big on a skateboard setting distance records long before it was even a thing. His whole part in Transworlds I.E. is amazing but one trick in his part always stands out in particular and that is his absolutely massive gap ollie at 1:53 in his video part. Please do yourself a favor and watch his whole part but rematch the monstrous ollie at 1:53
The angle of that shot is absolutely remarkable as well.

3. GARETH STEHR “Thats Life” video by Foundation

Gareth is exciting to watch on a skateboard! Fast,full of character,original, and no holds bar. He goes all out and full throttle and the imperfection of some of his landings is what I like the most about him. I can’t tell you how boring it is to see someone land absolutely robotically perfect on a skateboard. When I watch Gareth skateboard I feel like anything could happen. One perfect example of this is at the end of his part you see him literally fly off a massive set of stairs and you assume he’s going to land but instead he slams. Then its followed up by a full speed landing and you see his impact its a beautiful thing and I swear it will get you hyped to go skate!

2. JAWS 25 Stair

You all knew there was no way we could have a biggest ollie list without JAWS on it. In fact we could probably do a full top ten list of just JAWS ollies only no joke. He is the king of impact without question. His body is quadruple jointed and the way he absorbs impact is inhuman almost like he has a mutant impact absorption power. Its absolutely amazing and he is without question one of my top favorite pro skateboarders in the industry right now no doubt. The reason this clip makes the list is because its the world record biggest ollie at the moment and honestly at this point the only person thats going to surpass JAWS is JAWS himself.

1. JEREMY WRAY Water Tower Gap

How this man doesn’t get more credit than he does is beyond me. Jeremy Wray is beyond a legend! The dude is remarkable on his skateboard. This famous Water Tower Gap clip has?been passed down generation to generation at this point its that epic. Its so dangerous and gnarly that seriously Jeremy could have died trying it and I’m not exaggerating its truly a deadly stunt. Any little thing could have gone wrong. Imagine hitting a pebble before the gap? Even the thought makes me cringe. It blows my mind and I know its about to blow yours as you feast your eyes on the worlds most deaf defying ollie ever captured on camera. Jeremy your the man!