Get Sponsored

Are you a skateboarder looking to get sponsored?

Well, then it might be your lucky day.  We are currently forming a team of both non-competitive and competitive skaters and early birds will get the worms, so apply before others to increase your chances of being selected.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Good Do You Have to Be?

You’re asking the wrong question.  We’re not limiting applicants by ability.  We’re only looking for one thing: people who love skateboarding and show it.  As long as you’re having fun, and you’re on a skateboard, then you’re doing it right and we want your application if you have pics and clips to share. If you’re talented, it will show. If not, get creative. 🙂

What Do You Have to Do Once Sponsored?

Skateboard and have fun, and show it on social media.  Also repping our gear is the next best way to show you’re support.

How Do I Apply?

Apply on our website here:  Contact Us

What Do I Get If I’m Sponsored?

Sponsorships vary from shop discounts, to free gear and apparel, to free skateboards, to hook ups from our sponsors or even steady pay – it all depends what level you’re on, how big your audience is, how much skill you have, and for people on the competitive side, if you place or win any comps or not.  Compensation for sponsored skaters will range on a case-by-case basis, but at minimum includes discounts to our site and some of our sponsors sites, and could include boards, gear, or even an actual salary. Paid athletes must compete and place for their age group in more than 6 local or regional skate events to qualify for salary. 

One thing is for sure, you can always get started on any level, get some recognition, and work your way up to better perks over time, so don’t be afraid to apply.