Makaha Vans Bowl Jam 4 / Food Drive (Dec 17 2016)
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Bowl Jam Logo 2016

We?labor hard each year wondering?if we?should beg, borrow and?steal again to make sure ?year this years event happens.?Volunteering is not what most folks do during the holidays in Venice -?Heidi Lemmon being the exception. So this year do we go through it again? Is it worth it – just to skate and raise a little money and food??Please watch the following videos and you’ll know the answer just like we inevitably do.

Of course it’s worth it!

It’s one of the best things you can do in life – help others. Even in a small way. To have fun and see amazing skateboarding while doing it? Well, that’s what makes it such an incredible event.

If only several families got fed for a day, It would be worth it.

The idea?came to me?when my girlfriend, Julie, took me to a big blues jam in San Diego. To get in ?you had to bring food and donations and that was 2013. Cris and I wanted to make it a yearly event without fail. ?But, it’s very challenging – thank god for Van’s, Dave Duncan, my Mom, Cris, Dante Cullinari, Jesse Martinez, Lauren, David her husband, without these people and companies who give so kindly of their time. We’d have no event without them -? when I have fears?about the dollar part of this event, Dave?Duncan reminds?me that we are skateboarders – we will barge a skate park park with a bull horn if we have to. I seriously believe Dave and his friends would do that for this cause. But, luckily we have a great bunch of sponsors and volunteers helping to make this event a reality on an amazing level.

The Makaha / Vans 50th Anniversary Bowl Jam and Food Drive 2013

The first one we held was in 2013 it went stellar because it was the MAKAHA 50th Anniversary Contest / Food Drive, then in 2014, then in 2015 – we are?faced with a decision. Is it worth spending the thousands of dollars to put on a food drive and bowl jam at one of the best skate parks in the world? If it is or isn’t I don’t know I just know we have to do it.

So, this year Poweredge Magazine, Whatever Skateboards are??coming on as sponsors which helps immensely. And, for sure will be critical in helping attain other sponsors to make the event stronger. Our goal is to donate two thousand dollars and a thousand cans of food!

I’m gonna stick with Dave on this – it happens no matter what – but please come out and show your support and have some fun watching some truly amazing skaters shred the bowl for a great cause.