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Footprint Insole Tech; launches skate shoe brand

Footprint Insole Technology is launching a skate shoe brand this week. The company teased the line on Instagram, saying it’s “about to introduce you to the most revolutionary outsole system to ever hit footwear.” Joey Brezinski confirmed on IG that he’ll be riding for the brand, which will be introduced at this week’s Agenda show […]

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Put photos on your profile easy as 1,2,3

Ok so we’ve been getting a great response from our viewers becoming members of the Poweredge Magazine Skateboarding Community, but some have not put up their favorite fotos on their Cover and Profile pics are supposed to go. You don’t have to put anything but it would way cooler if you did. So here is […]

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Daewon Song Instagram Comp. (full video)

Daewon Song Instagram Compilation ; ? eeww tube

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Ryan Sheckler Skateboarding Motivation (Video)

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good shot

Try Again; skateboarding brings joy

Skateboarding brings joy for so many reasons, clearly the feeling of making a trick or a run brings a huge sense of joy and accomplishment, but there is something amazing in the repetition in learning a trick. Now I work more on things that I already know.? Settling into a good stand up front side […]

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Jason Jessie - The Controversial Cover from 1989

Skateboarding Community; Poweredge Magazine Online

From the desk of Curt Stevenson; Santa Monica, Ca. The magazine that heavily influenced skateboarding journalism in the late 1980’s early 1990’s continues to provide?skaters with content from a perspective that only Poweredge Magazine has done?so well for so long – on and off to be sure, now back on, online. The trick when we […]

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the son

Christian Kline Speaks 30 years later: Skateboarding Poweredge

There has not been a curb that I?ve seen since I was 14 that I didn?t think about skating. There is a quarter pipe pulled way back in a long driveway on the way to my favorite stretch of ocean. I pass it often, I?ve never seen anyone out there on it, and yet every […]

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cab edge 2011

EDGE 2011 “CAB”

Deville Nunes was a great help in POWEREDGE 2 comeback. Check this shot amongst his many great shots. ? ?Deville

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