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Oldies but Goodies


Classic shot of Sean Sheffey by Theo Hand, and the legendary Joey Saenz 1963. POWEREDGE Comeback 2010, 4 all color issues introduced through newstand and online versions….  

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watt art

Mike Watt New Live Album; Vedder, Grohl, Pat Smear c.1995

Former Minutemen bassistMike Watt has enjoyed a lengthy solo career that started with the ?Ring Spiel? tour back in 1995. Now it’s being released. That tour wasn?t just a momentous occasion in Watt?s own life; it also brought together one of the most eclectic lineups in rock history. Opening for Watt were a?bunch of relative […]

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mike watt opener

Mike Watt Interview 2011- by Gypsy de Szendrey

Mike Watt 2011 – ?You gotta look inside and find your own voice, it?s not really about inventing stuff but if you think of writing novels, you don?t have to invent one word and you can be very original?with your story telling.?  

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Welcome to the Freak Show: 1991 Jason Jesse

Flaco says: This my favorite Poweredge interview for sure. And the kittens such a nice fellow I guess he didn’t have time to switch shirts after his shift And then there is the awesome b/w photos More on page what? Guns no man we raise kittens man

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Skating Policeman 1975; Dawson/Stecyk iii

Young rowdies skating in the alley A group of young rowdies are sitting in the alley down by the Central Towers when the patrol car arrives. The two policeman inside get out, saunter over, and politely ask the kids what they’re up to, and this smart ass punk sardonically replies, “What the hell is it […]

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Glen E. Friedman on Cris Dawson

This skateboarders name is CRIS DAWSON . He is 68 years old. Cris skated on one of the very first organized skateboard teams ever “HOBIE” (in the 1960’s) Cris also skated on the original Zephyr team (in the 1970’s) and helped train Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva amongst others to become the well rounded skaters […]

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The Edge had it’s branding in the pages of POWEREDGE a section or sub-section of incredible skaters like Danny Way, Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, Jay Adams, Tony Alva all had their incredible abilities featured in the EDGE. The throwback thursday world is in for a treat with us on our journey through both time and […]

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Lance Mountain Interview 1990

He is at tumbling giant I clench fisted romancer, everywhere he goes he leaves a plundered trail of havoc and destruction . Birds screech and take to the skies as he passes women flock to his feet and men cower in fear and envy. His strength is awesome and unsurpassable and no beast will ever […]

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Tony Hawk 1990

Tony Hawk got a lot of coverage in POWEREDGE. Because of Sin and Airwalk Tony and our editorial staff saw eye to eye quite often. Pay to play “no” never. But killer shot. CS.

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