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evan Smith

Evan Smith’s DC SHOES Video is a mini film; Click Video

Evan Smith’s standout role in the new DC Promo Video (click here)?

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The Edge Crawling The World Wide Web For You


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El Gato Classic 2017 Video Play Here


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Rodney Mullen Pioneer Video

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bucky 1

Bucky Lasek Talks Free Lunch, Skateboarding and Birdhouse

Bucky Speaks!!

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Louis Tolentino Interview Poweredge 2010

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Rick Kosick Interview By Curt Stevenson Issue #3 2011

FROM POWEREDGE MAGAZINE, BIG BROTHER & THE JACK ASS MOVIES; RICK KOSICK Curt: How did you get involved with POWEREDGE magazine back in the day? Rick: Back when I was still skating I was getting interested in photography, and was learning how to become a photographer because I wanted to make skate zines. About that […]

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mike watt opener

Mike Watt Interview 2011- by Gypsy de Szendrey

Mike Watt 2011 – ?You gotta look inside and find your own voice, it?s not really about inventing stuff but if you think of writing novels, you don?t have to invent one word and you can be very original?with your story telling.?  

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Welcome to the Freak Show: 1991 Jason Jesse

Flaco says: This my favorite Poweredge interview for sure. And the kittens such a nice fellow I guess he didn’t have time to switch shirts after his shift And then there is the awesome b/w photos More on page what? Guns no man we raise kittens man

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good shot

Try Again; skateboarding brings joy

Skateboarding brings joy for so many reasons, clearly the feeling of making a trick or a run brings a huge sense of joy and accomplishment, but there is something amazing in the repetition in learning a trick. Now I work more on things that I already know.? Settling into a good stand up front side […]

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