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POWEREDGE - We Are Skateboarders


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Poweredge Sticker’s 1987

In 1987, Larry Stevenson, myself, SpencerBartsch, Roger Scarbossa, Christian Kline, and Stew Ivester, all got together to make a new magazine that was more like a ‘zine. We called it Poweredge Magazine, the magazine was loosely based on Larry Stevenson’s magazine Surf Guide. As we started pulling the team together and assigning roles to the […]

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evan Smith

Evan Smith’s DC SHOES Video is a mini film; Click Video

Evan Smith’s standout role in the new DC Promo Video (click here)?

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Chris Cole DC SHOES Video Link; Cole Brings It Always

Chris Cole Killing It For DC Shoes;?New Video Always Stoked on Cole!

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El Gato Classic 2017 Video Play Here


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Rodney Mullen Pioneer Video

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GONz wall huge

The Edge Photo Gallery Poweredge 2000’s


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In skateboarding nothing is more essential than a good old fashioned ollie. It gets you up the curb it gets you past the gap it lands you down the stairs or over the trashcan. It is one of the main ingredients in nearly every?skateboarding trick there is. Here at Poweredge we are starting up a […]

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Footprint Insole Tech; launches skate shoe brand

Footprint Insole Technology is launching a skate shoe brand this week. The company teased the line on Instagram, saying it’s “about to introduce you to the most revolutionary outsole system to ever hit footwear.” Joey Brezinski confirmed on IG that he’ll be riding for the brand, which will be introduced at this week’s Agenda show […]

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bucky 1

Bucky Lasek Talks Free Lunch, Skateboarding and Birdhouse

Bucky Speaks!!

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