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Poweredge Sticker’s 1987

In 1987, Larry Stevenson, myself, SpencerBartsch, Roger Scarbossa, Christian Kline, and Stew Ivester, all got together to make a new magazine that was more like a ‘zine. We called it Poweredge Magazine, the magazine was loosely based on Larry Stevenson’s magazine Surf Guide. As we started pulling the team together and assigning roles to the […]

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Footprint Insole Tech; launches skate shoe brand

Footprint Insole Technology is launching a skate shoe brand this week. The company teased the line on Instagram, saying it’s “about to introduce you to the most revolutionary outsole system to ever hit footwear.” Joey Brezinski confirmed on IG that he’ll be riding for the brand, which will be introduced at this week’s Agenda show […]

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watt art

Mike Watt New Live Album; Vedder, Grohl, Pat Smear c.1995

Former Minutemen bassistMike Watt has enjoyed a lengthy solo career that started with the ?Ring Spiel? tour back in 1995. Now it’s being released. That tour wasn?t just a momentous occasion in Watt?s own life; it also brought together one of the most eclectic lineups in rock history. Opening for Watt were a?bunch of relative […]

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Put photos on your profile easy as 1,2,3

Ok so we’ve been getting a great response from our viewers becoming members of the Poweredge Magazine Skateboarding Community, but some have not put up their favorite fotos on their Cover and Profile pics are supposed to go. You don’t have to put anything but it would way cooler if you did. So here is […]

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Power Edge Mag

First Post!

Holy shit, we did it! We’re back in action. As the first post, almost nobody will see this, so I really won’t go beyond saying, this is the beginning of Power Edge’s modern?revival! Boom!

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