When did u start skating? I started skateboarding at age 10 in rural Wisconsin on a Clay wheel board in the 60s.

Who were your sponsors? I was never sponsored I’m not very good

How was the scene when you were coming up?

It was amazing it was magical at that time – I was a kid, anything you’re into his magical. it was right before skate parks and the skate parks of mid 70s late 70s you know? That?s when I started skateboarding and really enjoyed it so it’s all good.

What are you doing in skateboarding? I make skateboards for a living my name is Paul Schmitt I’m known as Professor Schmitt. I do a program called Create a Skate for kids – we help them learn about the relevance of math science ecology biology physics engineering and artistry in skateboarding.

How has the scene changed through the years as you see it? It always changes because different generations see it their own way.? The great thing about skateboarding, at the current time, is the current generation accepts all facets of skateboarding, longboard, short or plastic board,? pool board,? downhill board, doesn’t matter.? Because what’s great about skateboarding is the rolling and feeling of some vibration to your feet,? some wind on your face – you decide what you are going to do with it – it’s the ultimate freedom.

Where do you see skating going ? Wherever the kids take it.? Where do you think they are going to take it? I don’t know where the kids are gonna take it and can’t wait to find out as long as it’s fun, that’s all that really matters, taking it to a fun place. I heard that you’re making a new hover boards..? Definitely not don’t believe the reports – I told you I am going to the vibration right? how much vibration comes from floating in the air – not much right?

Do you prefer prefer tofu or a veggie burgers? Neither, I like meat.

Where do you skate? I try to skate daily. Yesterday I skated the Clover Bowl in Encinitas and loved it. Then Van?s in Huntington, the other day.? I skate Costa Mesa park,? I skate wherever I’m at or wherever I?m traveling to. I always have a board in my car.

Curt Stevenson